Application must be submitted to the Centre of Postgraduate Studies before the set up due date (application is open throughout the year for Ph.D. students)


 Admission Offer

a) Full Offer

Applicants who meet all of the requirements may be offered a full admission offer.


b) Direct Offer

Applicants who satisfy the criteria needed below may be offered a direct offer from the Centre of Postgraduate Studies

i) Possess a First Class Degree or equivalent for highest qualification or

ii) Has been excellently recognized in postgraduate studies / research and

iii) Accepted a prestige scholarship.


c) Conditioned Offer.

Applicant will be given a conditioned offer IF and only if the applicant fulfils all of the criteria needed by the Centre of Postgraduate Studies. However, a full complete offer is compulsory for registration.


d) Offer for Non-Graduate Students.

The offer may be given under specialised regulations for domestic or International exchange students by the Centre of Postgraduate Studies.


Application and Registration Process


Delayed Admission

a) Applicants who have been offered for study may delay their admissions by informing the Centre of Postgraduate Studies.

b) Admission cannot be delayed for more than one semester. For a delay more than one semester, a new offer needs to be made. However, candidates are allowed to appeal for extended delay of admission.