(Personal Data Protection Act 2010)

This is a Privacy Notice and shall govern UC Bestari in dealing with protection of personal data. To protect personal data, the Notice may be changed from time to time.

Personal Data Protection Act 2010 ("PDPA") came into force on 15 November 2013, therefore University College Bestari ("UC Bestari") is hereby bound to make notice and require consent in relation to collection, recording, storage, usage and retention of personal data.

What is personal data

Personal data refers to any information which may directly or indirectly identify a person which could include sensitive personal data and expression of opinion. Among others it includes:-

  1. Name
  2. Identity card
  3. Place of Birth
  4. Address
  5. Examination Result
  6. Education History
  7. Employment History
  8. Medical History
  9. Blood type
  10. Race
  11. Religion
  12. Photo

Sources of personal data

In processing relevant services, UC Bestari may obtain personal data from various sources such as:

  1. Yourself
    1. From your application forwarded to us. By submitting any application to us, you are hereby obtained consent for the information to be declared in the application.
    2. There could be capturing of images or audios e.g. CCTV for safety and/or recording purposes. A notice will be displayed to the effect.
  2. Third parties
    1. UC Bestari affiliates in competition or survey or research or programs.
    2. Your participation with other entities
    3. Your guardian, legal representative or guarantor
    4. There may be cross reference of your personal data for loan application or credit reference
    5. Previous education institutions or employers
  3. Websites
    1. Your IP address is automatically login into our server. Generally we do not link your IP address to identify each link unless in case of serious breach.
    2. You may adjust your browser to disable 'cookies' to prevent storage of certain information in your system.

Purpose of personal data:

In servicing our obligations, the purposes for which your personal data may be used are inclusive but not limited to:-

  1. For assessment of any application to UC Bestari
  2. For processing any benefits and services
  3. For communication purposes
  4. For advertorial and news
  5. For general administration and record purposes
  6. For enhancing the value of education
  7. For educational and related purposes consequential to UC Bestari
  8. For replying any responds to complaints and enquiries
  9. For the purpose of our corporate governance
  10. For consideration as a guarantor for UC Bestari staff/ student applying for his/her scholarship/ study loan

Disclosure of personal data:

  1. UC Bestari is under legal obligation to secure and protect confidential information including but not limited to personal data prior and after PDPA and it is our continuous and existing policy to do so.
  2. In order to be effective in providing continuous service, certain disclosure needs to be exercised. Your personal data may be transferred and/or disclosed to third party and/or UC Bestari collaborative partners including but not limited to the respective and appointed outsourcing agents for purpose of fulfilling our obligations to you in respect of the purposes and all such other purposes that are related to the purposes and also in providing integrated services, maintaining and storing records.
  3. In processing your welfare and/or providing our services, it is very important to transmit or share personal information to third parties, including but not limited to:-
    1. insurance company for processing insurance claims
    2. financial institutions for payment of financial rewards e.g. scholarship, loan, allowance, salary
    3. entities/affiliates for any loan/scholarship award or recognition and education-related activities
    4. your authorized third parties
    5. your guardian or legal representative or guarantor
    6. credit rating agency for credit reference in loan related application
    7. enforcement regulatory and governmental agencies or by any order of court or to meet obligations to authorities
  4. Your data may be shared when required by laws and when disclosure is necessary to comply with applicable laws.

Retention of personal data

Any personal information shall be retained by UC Bestari in order to serve the above purposes and as required by relevant laws and shall be destroyed and/or deleted in accordance with our retention policy applicable for us in the event such information is no longer required.

Our strict privacy policy

  1. UC Bestari is committed in ensuring the confidentiality, protection, security and accuracy of your personal information made available to us and it has been our ongoing strict policy to ensure that your personal information is accurate, complete, not misleading and updated. UC Bestari would also ensure that your personal data shall not be used for political and commercial purposes.
  2. UC Bestari takes a high stand that protection of personal rights is well-established long before the introduction of PDPA. PDPA now serves as an apparent Act to protect and a defined tool to provide transparency and give public awareness in how personal data is dealt.
  3. Subject to relevant applicable laws, sensitive personal data shall only be disclosed upon your express consent from yourself.

Access to your personal data

You may access and update your personal data by writing to us at We may require further details or confirmations if necessary.

Consent is fundamental

By submitting or providing your personal data to UC Bestari, you had consented and agreed for your personal data to be used in accordance to the terms and conditions in the Notice and our relevant policy.

Withdrawal of consent

  1. You may withdraw consent at any time by writing to us. We may require further details or confirmations if necessary.
  2. If you do not consent or subsequently withdraw your consent to the processing and disclosure of your personal data, UC Bestari will not be able to fulfill our obligations or to contact you or to reward or to assist you in respect of the purposes and/or for any other purposes related to the purpose.

Dual Version

The Privacy Notice shall be in English and Malay. In the event of inconsistency, the English version shall prevail.