The Student Affairs and Alumni Division (BHEPA) is a division that provides services and training as to support the process of study and students research at University College Bestari.

HEPAs mission is to help students to master the knowledge and soft skills in order to produce better graduates for dunia and akhirat.

List of Units and Functions / Services

BHEPA serves several units as follows:

Counseling & Career Unit

This unit aims to produce high motivated students, good personality and students who are able to face and solve problems by themselves. This unit also helps students in academic and career opportunities as well as is responsible for managing disciplinary matters.

Noor Najmiah binti Ali
University College Bestari (UC Bestari),
22100 Bandar Permaisuri,Setiu, Terengganu
Tel : +6096097100/102

Students Development Unit

This Unit focuses on enabling students to actively participate in organizing activities through associations to produce skilled and well-experienced leaders towards the development of soft skills.

Sports & Cultural Unit

This unit aims to produce potential students other than academic excellence. The focus is to actively involved students in co-curricular activities, association, recreational activities and others to train self-esteem, leadership and create a sense of cooperation.

Co-Curriculum Unit

The role of this unit is to produce excellence students in sports and to cultivate sports culture to create a healthy lifestyle. The department also offers the co-curriculum courses to produce multiskilled students and foster entrepreneurship culture in preparation for employment

Alumni Unit

This unit is responsible to produce university graduate data as well as to create an on-going relationship between graduates and university for skills sharing to benefit the students. It is also to build good relations between media with the division so that every activity gets broad coverage.