University College Bestari Library (UC Bestari) started its operation on 4 June 1998. To ensure the management and all activities run smoothly, six employees have been placed in the library, a Librarian, an Assistant Librarian Administrative Officer and four Administrative Assistants of the Library have been assigned to regulate and manage things related to libraries.

Mission & Objective


Day Time
Sunday - Wednesday 8.45 am - 10.00 pm
Thursday 8.45 am - 3.00 pm
Friday & Saturday Close


Students and staff need to fill out membership forms to become library members. Public membership requires a letter of guarantee from the employer and they need to fill out the membership form according to the terms and conditions. The forms are available at the Consumer Services Counter. The library welcomes staff and students of UC Bestari, IKB (Institut Kemahiran Bestari), PERKAYA, and other IPTA / IPTS students, staff and individuals to become a member of UC Bestari library.

Members Category

General members
All staff and UC Bestari students (except for the contract / part-time / practical staff whose contract period is less than one year). Member Registration (free) Annual Fee (free) Deposit (free) * contract / part-time staff need to pay membership fee of RM20, Annually is RM10 and membership card is RM5. All staff and students of IKB , All Perkaya staff Member Registration is RM20 Annual Fee: RM20
Public Members
Open to Government employees, authorities and private as well as public. Pensioner of UC Bestari and UC Bestari Alumni Members. Corporate (Government / Private Organization). IPTS students.
Member Registration: RM20
Annual fee: RM10
Deposit: RM150, Membership card: RM5.
The deposit will be refunded upon the end of membership period. Unclaimed deposits within Three (3) months after the membership period is considered expired.

Category of borrower

Students 4 units (14 days)
Lecturer 8 units (60 days)
Librarian 8 units (180 days)
Professional 5 units (30 days)
Support staff 3 units (14 days)
Public members 3 units (30 days)

Rules of library

Students are required to wear matric card in the library.
Students are not allowed to use another student's matric card for any business at the library.
Bags, parcels, files and jackets should be placed at the provided areas outside of the library.
Students are not allowed to leave any items at the library counter.
The male student should be neatly dressed. (Shirt / t-shirt, slack pants, the hair does not touch the collar, do not wear jeans and hats).

Contact :

Suzana bt Mohamed
(Head of librarian)
Tel : 09-6097100 ext : Unit Perpustakaan.