List of Facilities and Convenience

Administration/Academic Building

Currently UC Bestari has six (6) computer labs that can be used for teaching and learning process. However, two (2) laboratories, which are lab A and B are set up as a working lab for all UC Bestari students. Besides, computers for students are also provided in the IT room on the first floor of the library.

Other Facilities

  • Internert access facilities
  • Wifi facilities in a few locations.


The Hospitality Complex for Diploma of Tourism and Diploma in Hotel Management is equipped with kitchen and restaurants with a capacity of 200 people at a time.

Two (2) Labs are provided for Diploma in Nursing students.


A library with a capacity of 200 people at a time.

Surau is provided for students and staffs convenience to fulfill religious obligations with a capacity of 400 people at a time.


A theater hall with a capacity of 200 people at a time is also available in academic building to be used by lectures and for other activities. The hall is also open for rent for local communities; however the priority is given to UC Bestari's academic activities and co-curricular activities.


Equine Bestari Unit

Located in the campus of UC Bestari which provides various services and riding activities. Cooperate with SSC,Equine Malaysia Council, Youth and Sports Ministry and UUM Equestrian centre .

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Three blocksof hostel in the campus that can accommodate approximately 2,100 students at one time. One block for male students and two blocks for female students. The hostel followed the concept of an apartment which consists of 3 rooms and 1 living room.